Rebates 2022

23 June 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Boards of Directors decided to provide rebates to its shareholders. This initiative reaffirms the company’s commitment to sharing positive results with those who have contributed to its success.

The total amount allocated for rebates this year is €292,976.00. This figure was unanimously approved during the General Assembly of Shareholders, recognizing the value and importance of each shareholder’s contribution to achieving the company’s objectives.

Specifically, the General Assembly of Shareholders decided to contribute €201,229.00 to the Share Capital, net of a withholding tax of 12.50%. This contribution will help consolidate the company’s assets and ensure greater financial stability for the future.

Additionally, an additional remuneration of €63,000.00 has been established as recognition for the work carried out by the shareholders throughout the year. This extra remuneration represents further incentive for their constant commitment and dedication to the company.

These rebates are a tangible demonstration of Italstick’s attention to its shareholders. The company considers it essential to value the contributions of all those who participate in its success, creating a strong and lasting bond with its shareholder base.

Italstick is committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with its shareholders, listening to their needs, and constantly striving to improve the services offered. The decision to provide rebates is a clear sign of transparency and shared business objectives.

The company is proud to offer this opportunity to its shareholders and to continue growing together, creating value not only for the company itself but also for all stakeholders involved.