Italstick renews its support for employees

8 November 2022

Italstick has always been attentive to the needs of its workers. Founded in 2011 as a cooperative, attention to the safety and well-being of all employees is a fundamental pillar of the company. The turbulent times that have characterised these last few years have not spared families, who due to rampant inflation and high gas prices are faced with huge increases in daily living expenses and bills.

The company immediately took action to respond to this crisis, and since 1 January 2022 has been distributing electronic meal vouchers for the purchase of groceries, amounting to €5,00 per working day. In September 2022, €200,00 in fuel vouchers were also handed out as a further support manoeuvre against rising petrol prices.

Further support was foreseen in the November paycheck. Italstick will give a bonus of €350.00 to all its 39 employees, providing relief at a fragile time for the household economy of many families.

“In a time of crisis like this it is important to remain united and provide the necessary support to enable all workers and their families to get through this complicated situation. We are a cohesive, strong and determined company and together we will emerge stronger.”
Commented President Carlo Zibordi.

Italstick renews its support for its employees.

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