Italstick awards a special end-of-the-year bonus to employees and board members

17 January 2023

For companies all around the world the year 2022 was filled with uncertainty, challenges, and the shared feeling that something in the air was changing. The paper & pulp industry was not granted any special corridors, and teams in the offices and factories alike were left with the mission of engineering solutions to overcome obstacles never seen before. Despite all, Italstick successfully managed to stay on course and concluded the year fulfilling its objectives.

This was only possible due to the high expertise of our workers, sharing decade-long knowledge and competences in the industry and led by a management team that took responsibility and undertook challenges of all degrees across the supply chain. It was thanks to the support of all members of the company that President Carlo Zibordi and the board of directors was proud to announce, during its annual gathering, that the extraordinary effort devoted throughout the year necessitated an equally extraordinary reward.

To express its gratitude, bonuses of €1.000 and €2.000 euros were awarded, respectively to their employees and member of the cooperative as an end-of-the-year gift.
The bonuses were given in the form of a supermarket gift card and could be spent for all necessities that such offers.

Italstick wants to thank once again all its employees, partners, and friends for sticking together throughout the year.
Now 2023 awaits, and we are ready to embark on new challenges, stronger, and always together.

Stick with us!