eticettatura italstick


26 January 2022

Following the adoption of EU Directive 2018/851 and EU Directive 2018/852 and in reference to the MITE Circular 52445 of 17/05/2021, in order to facilitate collection, reuse, recovery and recycling, Italstick Soc. Coop. has implemented the Environmental Labeling of Packaging for all packaging used for its self-adhesive material. The codes have been identified in accordance with Decision 97/129/EC.

The packaging must be provided with the appropriate marking affixed on the packaging itself, or on one label. The identification marking must be clearly visible and easy to read, it must be durable and stay in place even when the packaging is opened. If the packaging is composed of two or more separable parts, each one must present its own marking with the characteristics of permanence already seen.

The identification of the correct marking is conducted by evaluating the nature of each component separable from the packaging, on the basis of what is stated in the 97/129/CE Decision of the European Commission.

When it is not possible to affix the marking directly on the packaging, the Minister of Ecological Transition, through the circular letter MITE num. 52445 of 17/05/2020, considers necessary to evaluate possible alternatives to the traditional labelling to be affixed on the packaging itself. In particular for neutral transport packaging such as palletizing film, pallets, interlayers or corrugated cardboard corners etc.… the obligation to identify the packaging material is considered fulfilled when the manufacturer makes this information known and available to users, for example by publishing it on its website.

All non-separable materials in quantities below the threshold of 5% by weight of the individual packaging are excluded from identification (for example: applied labels that cannot be removed).

Therefore, in accordance with the 97/129/CE Decision, the following is a brief description, the type of material and the alphanumeric identification code for each separable component of the packaging according to the type of self-adhesive material produced and marketed by Italstick Soc. Coop: