photovoltaic Italstick

Re-roofing and photovoltaic installation project

21 October 2022

In 2021, re-roofing works began in order to dispose of the asbestos present and begin a project that, today more than ever, proves to be of fundamental importance: the construction of a photovoltaic system. Italy’s goals, according to the recent I4C 2.0 Roadmap from the Italy Climate Report 2021, are clear: 55% emissions cut by 2030 and neutrality by 2050. Realizing that the industrial sector tops Italy’s CO2 emissions, the road is long and not without obstacles. Nevertheless, Italstick has always been committed to complying with national directives and ensuring that its energy mix was in line with the environmental mission set by the government.

photovoltaic italstick

Re-roofing work and asbestos disposal, 2021.

Once the re-roofing work was completed, work began on the installation of 1168 photovoltaic panels distributed along the entire roof area. This project was conceived with the aim of halving CO2 emissions, bringing the company closer to a much-needed energy independence. The company expects to reach 500 KWp of clean, renewable energy, covering more than 50 percent of its energy needs. This project is just the first in a series of measures Italstick is taking to meet its industrial energy sustainability goals.

installation - photovoltaic Italstick

Installation completed on main roof and second industrial shed, 2022

Italstick plans to install Wallbox charging stations for EV charging by 2023 and a video terminal to monitor the energy produced and consumed. An additional 90 panels will be installed on the left shed, reaching more than 1.200 operational modules.