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The performance and success of the final self-adhesive product are largely determined by the quality of the adhesive, which is the most technical part of the complex. For the complete range of  Italstick  materials, only water-based acrylic adhesives are used.

Besides the obvious reasons of respect and protection of the environment, this choice allows some undoubtedly technical advantages: acrylic adhesives are not much subject to oxidation – hence to ageing – and ensuring product long shelf life. This is a very important aspect because when oxidized the adhesive gradually loses its properties.

The acrylic adhesives are characterized by a high degree of transparency and resistance to ultraviolet rays, crucial element when used with transparent films. Italstick range includes adhesives for food contact and for application of toys.

See DETAILED DATA of Italstick adhesive range.


Self-Adhesive Materials & Coatings

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