Our History

Forming the “Band

It is right in front of adversity and obstacles that group cohesion creates the basis for a revival. As for the bands so it happened to us. The history of Italstick originates from a breaking point: the receivership and closure of Diaures S.p.A.

In March 2011 a group of 24 former employees Diaures decided not to give up: we rolled up our sleeves and  took control of the situation, becoming  the protagonists.

The same protagonists that today we like to compare to the members of a talented band,  playing every day, with cohesion and skill, their instruments:  the technical know-how  built over the years, the care for our work and the attention to the needs of our customers.

The Cooperative

We are a team with the X-Factor!

The constant commitment is our symphony, the passion our score: we play in grand style, we vibrate in unison. We did not stop when confronted with obstacles: we overcome them. We did not lose: we met again.

We believed in our group: we did  not split up.

With the commitment, courage and determination we have done something great, playing the right tools to create our symphony.

Italstick specializes in the design and production of self-adhesive materials for the label market. We offer a wide range of standard and special products in hundreds of customized combinations, for offset, screen, flexo, digital printing.

The Strong Points


In front of a closed gate and  to  expectations  not very  reassuring about our  future, we did not intimidate.

We continued to believe in the quality of our work, affirming our wish  to get back into the  game


We had to deal with ourselves, with our families and with our prospect for the future.

It was not easy, but with determination and enthusiasm we have taken back  what we had been stolen


Our production area of 7500 square meters is equipped with modern technologies. This allows us to continue to develop products with high added value to meet the growing requirements and new  applications  of the  label market


We are dynamic and flexible, offering  customized product lines in accordance with the requirements of modern printing techniques and  the always different and  extensive applications of  the self-adhesive material


Self-Adhesive Materials & Coatings

Address: Via della Stazione 6,
I-41019 Soliera (MO)

Tel.: +39 059 566705
Fax: +39 059 565127

Email: info@italstick.com
PEC: italstick@legalmail.it

CF: 03387820362
PI: IT03387820362

N° REA: MO-383284
Reg. Iscrizione: MO
Cap. soc.: €1.155.161 (€1.153.473,11)

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